Щампован бетон, декоративен бетон - Салмеро ООД
Laminated Wood
Bull Float
Bull Float
Magnesium Bull Float
with Rock-It- 2.0
Magnesium Channel Bull
Float with Sharp Edge
Bull Float
Resin Bull Float
Round End
Magnesium Bull Float
Round End
Multi-Mount Fresno
Tool Weights
Round End
Multi-Mount Fresnos
Blue Glider with
Rounded Ends
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Instruments for Stamped and Decorative Concrete
Large Magnesium and Steel Bull Float-fresno Tools for Concrete
Presented tools for Stamped and Decorative Concrete are available in stock
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Крайчев  Транспорт ЕООД
For orders over 1000 BGL (500 EUR)
we provide free transportation in the territory of Bulgaria
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